Benefits of the Villa

Heated swimming pool (in the summer time)

Surrounded by nature

Comfortable location

Everything for Your quality stay

We made sure there's everything needed for Your comfortable stay in our villa

Private parking

The villa has a private parking, so no hassle thinking where to park your car.

Heated swimming pool (summer)

There's a heated swimming pool in the villas yard. Right next to it you'll find plank-beds with sun umbrellas.

,,Telia" television and internet

Inside the villa and its rooms you'll find fast and stable ,,Telia" internet and its beloved television.

Room with air-conditioning

You can rest assure that Your sleep will be calm during the hot summer nights as all the rooms in the villa have air-conditioning.

Laundry services

There's no need to take extra luggage as theirs laundry services in the villa.

Ready to live

All the rooms are ready to live and have built in mini-kitchens with all the needed supplies.

Bicycle rent

We do offer the ability to rent out bicycles in the villa for your trips or daily transportation.

Administration in the building

Were always near by so you can feel relaxed, taken care or and safe.

Ability to charge electrical vehicles

You'll have the ability to charge your electrical vehicles in the villa, so no need to look for a charging station.

Room cleaning

The rooms are cleaned twice per week in the villa, so you'll always live nice and clean.

Suitable for families

Villa is suitable both for parents and for the little ones to live in - we have the ability to add baby and child beds.

A grill outside

You'll find a grill in the yard, so feel free to let your inner chef out!

A garage for motorcycles and bicycles

The villa has a garage where You will be able to store your motorcycles, bicycles and other means of transport.

Learn about the villa
watch this short video!

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